When & Where this year?

The 2017 Portland Bazaar will be held at The North Warehouse located at Interstate & Tillamook. 
Friday, December 8: 6-9pm (ticketed event - more info coming soon!)
Saturday, December 9th & Sunday, December 10th: 10am-5pm (free)

How do I become a vendor? 

Participants are chosen each year by Portland Bazaar staff, as such we do not have an open enrollment. If you're making something interesting that might fit a future Bazaar lineup, get on our radar by emailing portlandbazaar@gmail.com. Planning usually begins in June/July.

How do I become a sponsor?

Let us know if you're interested in sponsoring our event. Portland Bazaar sponsorship is a great way to launch a brand, interact with your current customers and reach new ones. With a typical weekend attendance of 9,000 attendees, you're sure to reach a large amount of amazing folks. Drop us a note at portlandbazaar@gmail.com.

When is the best time to visit?

The middle of the event is typically the busiest and most lively. If you want a more calm visit, we have an 'early attendance' event Friday night. There's a small $15 entry fee, but you'll have early access to great shopping, good food and drinks. There's no entry fee Saturday and Sunday, and the earlier you are, the calmer the crowd.