Which day provided the best sales for you?
Total Sales overall:
What is your preferred location in venue:
2018 Date:
If you would want to return as a vendor for 2018, we have been considering doing it the weekend of Dec 14-16th. Let us know what weekend you think would be better.
What do you feel is the most productive and important form of promotion for the bazaar?
We would love all honest feedback regarding the Friday night event for going forward. It is something the bazaar has done since it was founded, as a chance to "meet the makers" and mingle before the weekend, but want to make sure it still makes sense for you guys. We know some of you make sales and some do not, so would love to hear all thoughts. Whether it is cutting it out all together and making Saturday a later night, or whatever else you may have been thinking.
Would love all other suggestions, comments, thoughts, observations, etc. Being that it is a large warehouse, we know the wifi and heating can be a bit challenging, but unfortunately we only have so much control over that. If you do have ideas for other venues that could work, that we may not know about, please let us know in the comments below! We'd love all suggestions!